Modern Values

by Face The Front

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Punkerman_00 Is not the classic Pop Punk from the 90's is more like that, one of the most underrated bands of the world, if you love the melodic hardcore and New Pokerface band, you need this. Favorite track: Take It As It Comes.
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released September 21, 2012



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Face The Front Luzern, Switzerland

Pop Punk band from Lucerne, Switzerland. Debut album 'Modern Values' out now!

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Track Name: Greater Than Giants
Let us reclaim the streets
We gonna start a riot, yeah we play for keeps
And when the city is fast asleep
Light it up with dynamite and gasoline
Let it burn, burn it to the ground
Torch every single building make them know that we’re around

This is a cause for alarm
We’ll make them lose control

Tonight we are greater than giants
The greatest of all
We came here to gather
We came to stand tall
The city of lights
It will be destroyed

There’s no more room left for kids like us
In a place that we can’t trust

It’s time to set it straight
To put it in the right way
We can’t take it anymore
Track Name: Take It As It Comes
Spend nights awake, lying in my bed
Trying to get rid of the demons in my head
There’s no one who tells me what to do
Could use a helping hand to get me through
But i guess it’s up to me to prove myself
I’m no longer afraid of what might come next
I should lean back and ease my mind
Take it as it comes, to get some sleep tonight

All i ever wanted
All i ever asked for
Was a moment of peace to clean my consciousness
What do i get, if i am aware, of what the future holds
It’s gonna come down on me anyway

Don’t care about tomorrow, don’t even care at all
Don’t care about the future, just take it as it comes

After all those years, I’ve learned a few things
About life and death and everything in between
I’ve learned to just let go, i’ve learned to stay calm and how to take a step back
When it gets to be too much, when i’m losing touch with reality
Now look what became of me, a boy that grew into a man who doesn’t need a masterplan

All my life, i’ve been waiting for a sight of relief
a light to guide the way i’m on to find out what i’m looking for
how should i know which direction I need to go
if I’m not even sure where i’m coming from
Track Name: Stuttgart
Now here i stand with nothing left in my hands
Wondering how this could happen to me
I had everything i ever wanted
But somehow i threw it all away
Forever will i curse the day
When i realized, it can’t go on like this
Maybe i was just too young for this kind of relationship
Believe me when i say, it did mean the world to me

I tried to sort it out, every second i was thinking of you
And i was thinking of you all day long
But it didn’t work out, i couldn’t manage to change my point of view
It’s been the hardest decision, i’ve ever had to make, i hope you know that too

I’m looking back on the days when we were still okay
To remind myself, this might have been a mistake
It’s sad to know that we won’t ever meet again
To fill up the cracks in this foundation

Now there she goes, away from me
Because i couldn’t make myself believe
In all that we’ve had and how precious it was
To spend my time with somebody to love
I think i wasn’t strong enough
Didn’t want the distance to tear me apart

From the top of my lungs
I excuse myself for what i’ve done

And by the grace of god
I swear you’ll be forever in my heart
Track Name: Interlude
Summer is way too short
Only thirty days when the sun comes out
It’s all that we know

Winter is way too long
Eight months of rain and snow
It’s all that we know
Because this is the town where we come from
Track Name: Sleeping With The Lights On
This daily routine is dragging me down
I cannot move, i cannot make a sound
A static motion, so predictable
I need a change before my life grows cold
I’m so sick of killing time
This day and age should be declined
Everything’s just passing by
Slow motion daydreams have arrived

What can i do to get out of here?
I should pack my things and go
Vanishing without a word left to say
Letting noone know, about my plans
For leaving home, this is my second chance to begin anew

I’m sleeping with the lights on, impatiently waiting for the morning to come
I left the door open, to get out of here as soon as possible
I’m sleeping with the lights on, impatiently waiting for the morning to come
I left the door open, to get out of here and never come back home

Day in day out, the same old story
It’s getting worn out, it’s getting boring
What’s the sense behind all of this?
Mind control and brainwashing?
Freedom of choice is what we demand
But it won’t be found within this wasteland

Keep trying to hold me back
Keep trying to change my mind
Track Name: You Had Me At Hello
Red lips, skin tight jeans and the taste of summer
In her eyes i can see, she’s ready oh, she wants it
I am just a man; i can’t resist what i desire
My brain, my heart, my skin; you’ve set it on fire

Stop me now, keep me from drinking, before i do something rash
The pulse, it is racing

Don’t waste your time
You had me at hello
I’ve never been more distracted
I’m lost for words
You leave me breathless

This body keeps working like a machine
The blood is boiling from the heat
As you lie here right next to me
I am aware of what you really need

Come here, come closer now
I wanna feel you as close as possible
I’m starting to lose control
Your hands are all over me, i’m about to explode

Hunting you
Hunting me
This was the closest we’ve ever been
Track Name: All My Secret Places
Running, always running from the pain
Running in circles, over and over again
Running, is the best that i can do
I wanna be with you, this distance is killing me

I never ment to be poles apart
From the person, who I love most
But no man can avoid his destiny

I hope you are doing well
It’s been way too long
since we last met
How could we just be so wrong
We were thinking that this would never work out

Show you all my secret places
Where i hang out, when i’m feeling alone
Looking out for someone like you
to share it with

Running, always running from the pain
Running in circles, over and over again

Sickness is taking over
When you’re not here with me
My heart is beating slower
I feel like I'm losing grip
And it is wearing me out
But i wouldn’t trade it for anything
in the whole wide world

Because all we are is all we have
And all we have is all we need
Track Name: Conversations
You say i’m not able to communicate
Well, communication’s never really been my thing
It’s not that i don’t want to talk to you
I just don’t know how to express myself (the way you want me to)

Hey what did you expect from me
Have you ever noticed that i’m talkative
i guess your expectations were pitched too high
there’s more to me that you had yet to find

Why can’t you just give me a rest
From all the things i don’t want to know

I’m sick of these conversations
They only spill more frustration
I’m losing my motivation
With every word you say
I’m tired of communication
Small talks and distant relations
This is who i am and i don’t think you’ll ever understand

These conversations, spill more frustration
Communication’s something i still don’t get

We need a topic, something to discuss about
So you’ll be able to catch my interest, somehow
You’ll find a way to get these words out of my mouth
If you try hard enough you gotta get this done

Show me that you care
About the person i really am
But it’s hard to get to know someone else
If you don’t even know yourself
Track Name: Modern Values / Cold Reading
Tired and frustrated, this life is bringin’ me down to my knees
I can’t find one good reason to hold on to the world we’re living in
These are the last words (the last words) i‘ll ever speak
This is the last time (the last time) we’ll ever meet

I am trapped in a life i don’t want to live
And i know that there’s only one way out of it

Raise your voice
Establish clarity
When all turns black
These modern values don’t mean a thing

Sick of all your hatred, don’t wanna be part of this society
There’s no one to take care of the ones in great distress, why don’t you see
It’s so depressing, i will never get used to it
Let’s raise a toast to the downfall of the kings and queens

This can’t be it, there must be something more
We can’t just sit around and wait, hoping that this might do
No one’s gonna save us all except from ourselves
The glory and the fame, it will fade sooner than you think

You know who i am
You know who i once was
You know where i’ve been
You know almost everything

You know the way i talk
You know the way i feel
You know the way i act
When it comes over me

There’s only one thing you don’t know about me
And that thing is I’m not myself
When you’re with me I’m not the one I’m supposed to be
That means from your side it’s only cold reading
Cuz you don’t see into my very being
Track Name: In Love With The Illusion
It's so sad to watch you fall
Falling in love with some other guy who doesn't care about you at all
Even though you always knew, long time ago i also fell in love with you
But you didn't take notice of me back then, so tell me what the hell were you thinking
I would have given you all of my heart, the best times you've ever had right from the start

All that’s left is a bitter taste in your mouth
Cuz you couldn't get what you really want

You could have had so much more
Someone to hold, someone who’s there to keep you warm
So tell me what’s the fucking difference
If you're alone or with someone who doesn't care

Crackin’ a smile, everytime you’re around
I can’t confess to myself that it hurts to watch you drown
Look at the mess you got yourself into, the mess you have become, look what became of you
Poor girl, how could you just let yourself go like this
You deserve something better but sometimes ignorance can be such bliss
Track Name: Outro
Misery, why can’t you let me go
Spend my days in the dark and the clocks seemed to stop
My breath is getting short, my hands they feel numb
Cuz nothing ever happens here
I’m falling apart
Track Name: Fall Over Board (Bonus Track)
Welcome another day of war
Stop questioning what they are fighting for
Because they don’t know (no no no), they don’t even know at all
Slam your head against the wall, we are about to hit the shore

Fall over board
This ship is sinking
The battle’s lost
We’ve been defeated

Listen up, it’s a wake up call
Time is running against us all
The air is thin and full of smoke, we are about to choke
No turning back, the end is near, we’re forced to live in fear

Someday soon we will end up lost
Noone would have thought, it could go this far